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Agriturismo Il Menhir
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The Menhir Agriturismo


The Menhir Agriturismo is situated in a splendid panoramic position not far from the seaside, a lake, a river and mountains. The resort, immersed in the flourishing vegetation of the Ogliastra, welcomes guests looking for a full immersion in nature. The Menhir, which is a family run resort, produces its own products which are served to guests such as olive oil, cheese, wine, ham, sausages, pork and sheep meats, cakes, bread, cereals, fruit and vegetables. The menu of the Menhir Agriturismo includes all the delicacies of traditional Ogliastra cuisine and of Mediterranean gastronomy.  

Sport and excursions.

Sardinia is the ideal place for sports and excursions. The Agriturismo Menhir offers the possibility to go on guided nature excursions in the most evocative corners of the Ogliastra territory and to the most representative archaeological sites of Nuragic culture in Ogliastra. Staying at the Menhir Agriturismo also offers the possibility of participating in a workshop to practice some ancient arts such as the basket weaving, culurgionis (traditional ravioli) making and traditional Sardinian costume production.  

Folk lore
The history of Sardinia, which is thousands of years old, is steeped in spiritual and material testimonies visible all over the territory. Still today traditions in the daily life of the Sardinian people remind us unmistakably of distant social patterns and emotions, which could be defined as archaeological when compared to modern ones. Much of the memory of the past is kept alive in man’s life in the way he faces reality. It is as if there is in the Sardinian people’s DNA some sort of Sardinian “inheritance” that is passed down from one generation to the next, a collective psychology shared at various levels by all the native people. These different elements are more evident in the inland areas where the memory of the past has remained unaltered, and can be seen in religious rituals, festivities, clothing, music, song, dance and popular art. Folklore is the name that traditionally encompasses all these things, but here it is more than that, it is an authentic custom that intends to survive at all cost.


  • 5 rooms with ensuite bathroom, one of which for disabled

  • Parking

  • Restaurant seating 60 people

  • Transfer from the port and airport

  • Handcraft workshop

  • Tourist and archaeological excursions  

  • Nature trails, energetic and relaxing walks

  • Organized and guided excursions to the lake, river, seaside and mountain

  • Quad 300 and mountain bike hire

  • Climbing and canoeing

  • Parachuting, tandem jumps and courses

  • Wild bore hunting

  • Lake fishing licence  

contact Information and bookings

postal address: Azienda Agrituristica Il Mehir di Maria Giuseppina Basoccu, 08049 Villagrande Strisaili (provincia Ogliastra) Italy

  • coordinates 39.971302, 9.572500

  • phone:  0039 3490978008

  • E-mail:

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