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Program for a week's holiday in sardinia


Program for a week's holiday in sardinia ( 2 nights – 3 days) violetfor groups of at least 10 people

MONDAY          18:00   o’clock            Boarding from the port of Genova
TUESDAY          13:00   o’clock           The arrival at port of Arbatax, where a bus will be waiting for you
                      15:00    o’clock            The arrival at the farmhouse and accomodation in the room and relax
                      18:00    o’clock            Wellcome party with folkloric entertaiments
                      20:00    o’clock             Dinner with tipic menu:
                                                               Appetizers: of prosciutto and vegetables pickled in oil,
                                                               Forst corses: culurgiones,
                                                               Second corses: porceddu a orrostu,
                                                               Boundary: seasonal vegetables,
                                                               Fruits: seasonal,
                                                               Desert: sebadas de casu,
                                                               Coffeè, homemade bitter, watter, wine and bread
                                                                        Overnight stay

THURSDAY              8:30  o’clock                 Breakfast: coffeè, milk, tea, bread, butter, jam, cake house, seasonal fruit                         
9:00  o’clock                  Preparing luggage                           
11:00  o’clock         Typical lunch:
                                                                        Appetizers: fisciu cun patata orrostu,
                                                                        First courses: pane frattau,
                                                                        Second courses: conillu affogau ,
                                                                        Boundary: seasonal vegetables,
                                                                        Fruits: seasonal,
                                                                        Desert: turta,
                                                                        Coffeè, housemade bitter , water, wine and bread                          
13:00  o’clock                  Departure by bus to the port of Arbatax                          
14:00  o’clock                  Boarding Arbatax - Genoa

TOTAL PACKAGE: (including VAT)
High season period July 1 to September 30 € 291.00 per person including drinksLow season period 1 October to 30 June € 275.00 per person including drinks* For groups that choose a plane trip with a stopover in Olbia,  Alghero and Cagliari in the accompanying bus from the farm and vice versa has a supplement of 60.00 euro per person.* The guide is guaranteed even for the most all-day stay of the holiday. Children under 5 years have a discount of 70%, children aged 5 to 10 years a 50% discount, only for accommodation and meals. For customers interested in the package is not traveling with equity prices are:- High season from July 1 - September 30• Bed and Breakfast 35.00 €  per person per day including drinks• Half board 55.00 €  per person per day including drinks• Full board   70.00 €  per person per day including drinks- Low season from October 1 - June 30• Bed and Breakfast  30.00 €  per person per day including drinks• Half board  50.00 €  per person per day including drinks• Full board 65.00 €  per person per day including drinksThanking you for choosing us, every customer will receive a complimentary bottle of house wine plus a craft object.

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